Covid-19 advanced throughout the world with unprecedented speed, and the UK was no exception. Once the virus arrived in the UK, it took just a couple of months for it to spread out of control.

The speed by which it spread, and the general confusion about the virus put everyone – individuals and industries alike, in a panic.

Amidst this panic, Public Health England released hygiene guidelines to help businesses and individuals, manage their risk to Covid.

The two key instructions were –

  1. Hands and surfaces must be kept clean & sanitised at all times
  2. Use disinfectants with at least 60% alcohol content

The result of these instructions saw everyone grappling for every last drop of  alcohol-based disinfectant, in a roaring wave of panic-buying.

And although now, the number of disinfectant manufacturers and suppliers has increased significantly, back in March 2020 when the crisis first hit, there were only so many that could promptly offer a solution.

DuoMax, a UK disinfectant manufacturer & supplier was one of the leading ones to step up to the challenge.

While the lockdown kept most of us at home, safe and busy with our work; a large number of key workers had to continue stepping outside, risking their health every day just to ensure the smooth running of the NHS and other crucial services.

The panic-buying and large-scale chaos led to a lot of agencies that were directly involved with these key workers, finding themselves on the backfoot in terms of suitable sanitation products.

DuoMax helped protect key workers & frontline staff


At the peak of the Covid crisis, while the country went into lockdown; key workers and key operations continued selflessly, and DuoMax supplied sanitisers and disinfectants in large amounts – protecting the ones, protecting us.

Our clients, Relyon Cleaning Services, and their clients, Interserve reported that, although they have a very large number of staff working within each of these agencies and their client locations, not a single building where DuoMax disinfectants and sanitisers were utilized, witnessed a Covid outbreak.

“I have complete confidence in these products as since their use from mid March, we have not had a single building affected by an outbreak of COVID 19”

-Head of Operations, Interserve

Every organisation that Interserve protected, as well as their own facilities management staff, were kept safe – despite their regular use of common workspaces such as canteens, cloakrooms and break rooms, where they came into contact with the same surfaces, multiple times a day.

100% alcohol-free, 99.9999% efficacy


Due to the mislead belief that alcohol-free was ineffective, following worldwide guidelines advising that alcohol-based disinfectants are required to beat Covid-19, DuoMax’s unique alcohol-free formula received a lot of speculation about t’s ability to protect against Covid-19.

And our clients were too.

I was initially sceptical given the lack of alcohol however once the data sheets and trial results were issued, I reviewed them with my client and as you know we made the decision to move forward with the provision of DuoMax products across over 260 buildings in the UK, a decision we have been more than happy with ever since.

– Head of Operations, Interserve

DuoMax is an alcohol-free disinfectant, backed by a ground-breaking technology.

A technology that has been tested at, and has received approval from independent UKAS accredited labs.

DuoMax technology achieved 6 LOG accreditation – meaning it directly attacks the pathogen’s RNA and DNA, thus destroying it absolutely – making it effective at killing 99.9999% of bacteria.

DuoMax meets and exceeds BS EN 14476 (2005) – Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – Virucidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfects against CORONAVIRUS. This means that DuoMax is capable of beating Covid-19, and minimizing the spread. A result that is certified not just by test results from UKAS accredited labs and recorded data, but also by our clients’ and their clients’ personal experiences, as documented here.

Interestingly enough, our clients’ Scientists were also initially sceptical and decided to make their own alcohol based sanitiser however have now decided, based on the evidence to use the Duomax products.

Besides the strong report received for its cleaning and disinfecting efficacy, DuoMax has received absolutely no complaints of skin irritation or drying of skin from Relyon, Interserve or any other personnel that used our disinfectant or sanitiser – grievances largely documented through use of alcohol-based disinfectants.

DuoMax is used, approved, and recommended by some of the World’s top-tier healthcare, sanitation and cleaning agencies.

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